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Towards an integrative and comprehensive standard for meta-omics data of collection objects (MOD-CO)

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For the deposition of molecular sequence and array data, a number of standards exist. However, the elaboration of a comprehensive standard (schema, vocabularies) for the assignment of any kind of meta-omics data to reference samples in natural history and living culture collections is still missing. The aim of the project is to select and categorize – on the background of a wide spectrum of methods – relevant descriptors from a wide range of procedural analysis protocols to set up a standard under avoidance of structural redundancy. Furthermore, descriptors belonging to related data domains will be evaluated and – if relevant – allocated to the new conceptual schema. Based on existing concepts and standards integrative controlled vocabularies will be elaborated to describe the full spectrum of observation and measurement elements as well as the procedural steps in the frame of the meta-omics characterization of environmental collection samples. The data names space schema with vocabularies will be exemplarily implemented in the Diversity Workbench and in the SILVA/ management system and published in collaboration with the standardization committees of TDWG and GSC.

Please consult our MOD-CO Team, see relevant Events and a list of MOD-CO relevant link addresses.

MOD-CO Products are

  • Umweltproben an naturhistorischen Sammlungen – ein neues Forschungsprojekt entwickelt Standards zur Erschließung forschungsrelevanter Information. SNSB Press Release, June 3rd, 2014.

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Starting with 2014 the project "Towards an integrative and comprehensive standard for meta-omics data of collection objects (MOD-CO)" was funded under the LIS infrastructure platform. [GL 553/6-1; RA 731/16-1; TR 290/8-1]. The DFG financial support ended in 2018.